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Covid-19 Procedure Policy

Little Barwick House Procedure Policy – Beyond Covid 19

We have given a lot of thought on our reopening strategy to ensure the safety of our team and guests without taking the joy out of the Little Barwick House Experience. We have reconsidered the whole guest journey, removing touch points, reconfiguring layouts and maintaining our high level of cleanliness without interfering with the essential feel that is Little Barwick. Tim and I feel confident that you will find a sensible, user ready, scrupulously clean approach that will keep everyone safe, happy and relaxed.


Check in from 3pm. Please ring doorbell and wait in the hallway entrance if empty or take a seat in the sitting room and we will quickly welcome you and take you straight to your room to settle in. There will be a registration form with a brief questionnaire on preferences of service during your stay. Please complete and place form in the office when ready to come for a relaxing drink or afternoon tea in the garden or sitting rooms.


As normal we will be happy to oblige if asked (and will sanitise hands prior to and after carrying suitcases)  

Hand Sanitisers are positioned throughout the house. Guests are requested to sanitise their hands regularly and staff will wash/sanitise their hands at least every 30 minutes. All dishwashers and glasswashers regularly serviced and checked to ensure running properly at temperatures above 60◦C with appropriate detergents.. Bedding and restaurant linen professionally laundered and all oven and glass cloths laundered at 90◦C in house. 


Maintaining a physical distance is essential to stop the spread of the virus. Please avoid physical contact - no hand shaking or hugs for now. Common sense is required jointly between us all in areas highlighted in our risk assessment: loos, stairs and corridors that make it difficult for hard and fast rules and to respect others physical distance.


Face coverings will be used by our team where necessary to keep both guests and the team safe and comfortable. All the team have been trained on how to wear and look after their coverings and to avoid hand contact with their eyes, nose & mouth, sanitising hands immediately if contact occurs.


The wellbeing of our team is of upmost importance. We have implemented necessary health checks on every team member before looking after guests. Body temperature checks will be carried out upon arrival to work and will be sent home if temperature detected. Regular monitoring of the team will take place to check for any symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, or difficulty in breathing. Any staff member displaying symptoms will not be allowed to enter the house and we ask everyone to exercise the same caution. Please ensure that you report any illness (particularly fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing) to Tim or Emma during your stay. A general commitment to hygiene shall be regularly communicated to our team, including transmission threats outside of the workplace, infection, quarantine guidelines and actions to reduce infection in the home. All the team will have taken a return to work Covid 19 safety programme. Physical distancing amongst the team shall be practiced back of house.


In anticipation of individual concerns of guests, housekeeping will not enter a guest bedroom during a stay unless approved by the guest on their registration form or requested afterwards. Jane and Debs in Housekeeping will follow the same handwashing frequency guidelines All direct contact surfaces in guest rooms are cleaned & sanitised with approved chemical sanitisers. Please open your bedroom windows on departure to ensure maximum fresh air circulation. Windows will only be closed if it is raining or too cold prior to guest’s arrival. Cleaning and disinfecting protocols will require particular attention is paid to the high touch, hard non porous items such as door handles, tv remote, hair dryer, light switches, telephone, radio and I pod docking station. All bedding is 100% cotton and professionally laundered at temperatures over 90◦C. Bedrooms have certain high touch point items like magazines, books and room information leaflets they will be removed. Guests can also request any of the removed items for their use and they will be provided once sanitised. All rubbish in the rooms is cleared into a garbage bag, all glasses, crockery and cutlery washed by dishwasher and all dirty laundry bagged straight into hampers immediately after stripping the beds.  


Furniture positioned to allow for required physical distancing. We kindly ask that any used/ touched books, games be placed into the sanitisation baskets. These books will only be returned to the bookshelves once appropriately sanitised. Guests may take a selection of books/magazines to their room for use throughout their stay returning them to the sanitisation basket in the sitting room on departure. Any magazines read/touched to be put in the magazine basket to be quarantined for 24 hours. Frequent cleaning and sanitising schedules in the loos (multiple times per day) with a cleaning checklist kept on the corridor chest outside the loos for transparency. Hand sanitizer, tissues and paper hand towels will be available. Resident guests to please use their bedroom loo if possible.  


In a restaurant it is virtually impossible to remove every risk. Therefore our policy is to mitigate risk through best practise. We will take all necessary measures to adapt our service style to deliver minimum contact, ensure hygiene standards and physical distancing. Tables in the dining room will be positioned 1.5/2 metres apart to allow for ample physical distancing - there will be no screens or plastic boxes. Our lovely Sash window will be open as much as possible to ensure air circulation. We have never been a restaurant for multiple sittings so the table will be yours for the duration. Wine bottles/decanters will be sanitised and left on the table (we will offer to pour) and jugs of iced water will be on each table too. With bottles of chilled Hildon Water available if required. Menus and Wine Lists will be sanitised before and after use and taken to your table after taking your order for your use during the meal. Hand sanitiser will be available on each table. Crumbing down will be removed from our service unless you request it. Breakfast has been reconsidered and sadly we will no longer have a buffet but we have sourced some delicious individual “grab and go” breakfast items as well as serving you direct to the table from the kitchen.


Extra seating is now available on our Garden Terrace to create more outdoor space for our guests to make the most of our lovely garden for lunches, afternoon tea and pre dinner drinks…..please keep everything crossed for glorious weather!  


When departing please open your window for maximum air circulation and leave the key in the door lock ready for sanitising.  

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